5. OUCS Welcomes Three New Staff Members

5.1. David Birds

Photo of David Birds

David Birds joins OUCS as our Data Centre Manager. David will be managing the Operations Team, the Data Centre itself (formerly known as the Machine or Computer Room) and will play a key role in the two data centre capital projects (a new build and a feasibility study for the refurbishment of the existing OUCS room).

David says 'I've been working for JBrand Ltd for just under seven years, based in Margaret Street, London. I was their IT Manager looking after all aspects of in-house IT at the London Office and Runcorn Configuration Centre. Getting involved in projects such as managed wireless roll-outs in schools in conjunction with Research Machines, network configuration projects (Cisco and Extreme Networks), server management and roll-out for small businesses.

Prior to that I was the IT Manager at Oriel College for four years, and I worked at OUCS as an Evening Demonstrator while I was a student at Green College from 1995 to1998.'

5.2. John Ireland

photo of John Ireland

John Ireland is OUCS’s new System Development (Sysdev) Section Manager.

He says 'After finishing my Physics degree (1994-98) I took up my first full-time post as Computing Officer for Jesus College, and IT became a career rather than just a distraction from study. My first task there involved replacing the College's sole server - a Sun Sparc Station running Sun OS - and Linux was introduced at Jesus College.

Working in a College with a full range of IT services but only three IT staff meant that I was directly involved right across the board - servers, networking, software development, support, and as the systems and team grew, service and line management.

After 10 years working at Jesus College I found myself wanting a change of scene and a chance to focus on one area of IT rather than scratching the surface of too many different things, and this prompted me to apply for the post at OUCS. Having been a consumer of OUCS’ services and involved in several university groups and projects I had an idea of some of the activities going on, and could see that this was a perfect opportunity.'

5.3. Jill Fresen

Photo of Jill Fresen

Jill Fresen is the newest member of the OUCS WebLearn team where she will be working with VLE users in the areas of training, academic support, dissemination of best practice and general VLE and Learning Technology matters.

Jill is an internationally renowned Learning Technologist and joins OUCS from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She has experience as a Mathematics teacher and lecturer, a computer programmer, both in higher education and the corporate world, and an e-learning project manager. She has been involved in technology-enhanced education for 25 years.

For the past 8 years Jill has been involved in the management of web-supported learning projects, the co-ordination of a quality management system fore-learning, consultation with and support for academics interested in adopting learning technologies, academic staff training, and student satisfaction surveys.

Jill has an M.Ed and PhD in Computer-Integrated Education, focusing on technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education. Her research interests include client satisfaction, evaluation, and the use of storytelling, scenarios and anecdotes to enhance attention and motivation.

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