2. Why OUCS Artweeks?

It is easier to ask how, rather than why, the idea of OUCS Artweeks came about. During 2008, a group of us began meeting together discussing how to create a community art project around sea and landscapes, recycling and the environment. We started off thinking first about using textiles and recycled waste, and then photography. The then small group were allocated workspace in the basement next to the OUCS band (pleasant if sometimes loud). The idea had been born and soon a typical OUCS mail list was formed and the idea began to take hold with a wider group participating. Now we have five photographers, textile artists and jewellery makers participating with more people still coming forward, some a little tentatively, for some offering the first public glimpse into their art and passion.

So that was the how, now to the why. Many would say it is because OUCS itself encourages its staff to be fulfilled in more than just their work. It is a place where ideas flourish and not all are directly related to work. We are, after all, innovative and talented at more than one thing, often bringing the same technical ability and creativity to our art that we bring to our work. Each artist has their own unique style and you will be able to find out more about the participants by looking at the OUCS

Artweeks web pages. www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/publicity/artweeks/

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