13. Students and Digital Technologies - Thema

You may recall that OUCS conducted an investigation (Thema) into the use of digital technologies by students on taught Master’s programmes in Oxford from 2007–8. It was funded by the JISC Learner Experiences of E-learning programme. The project outputs are now finally available.

An executive summary, specifically targeted at stakeholders within Oxford University, can be found on WebLearn at http://tinyurl.com/themasummary The document contains recommendations for the key groups: academic staff, librarians and IT support staff. The project was, of course, overtaken by developments such as the new WebLearn, migration to Nexus and continued expansion of wireless provision; nevertheless, there are nuggets here and there for technical staff to draw from.

Please feel free to quote and/or circulate the executive summary as you think fit.

Other project outputs that you might find informative or useful are on the main project website at http://thema.oucs.ox.ac.uk. They include:

  • The full report on students’ use of digital technologies
  • The online survey questions
  • Eleven narrative case studies compiled from students’ contributions to the project
  • A version of the executive summary for general consumption (i.e. Oxford-specific references removed)
  • A report on how we conducted the project (for readers who are into social science research methods)

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