8. News from the IT Learning Programme


8.1. Trinity Schedule

The IT Learning Programme schedule for Trinity Term is online and open for booking at www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ itlp/. This term as well as running our popular courses in Office, digital imaging, web publishing and statistics we have a number of new courses and a series of new lunchtime courses. Read on to find out more….

8.1.1. Digital Images: Capture, Correct and Control

Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June

A two day workshop aimed at those new to working with digital images. You will use your own camera and be shown how to capture, correct and control your images.

8.1.2. Digital Film Making

Monday 21 - Friday 25 June

A 5-day workshop, run by the Oxford Academy of Documentary Film, aimed at preparing you to use digital film in your research or project. Each workshop provides a generic understanding of digital filmmaking. The workshops are taught by expert tutors who have made films professionally and for research purposes. There is a strong emphasis on practical film production techniques.


8.1.3. Writing for the Web

Wednesday 30 June

The Web presents a number of challenges to writers, not least ensuring that visitors can find the information they are looking for and that it’s easy to read. This one-day course, delivered by an external expert, concentrates on showing you, step-by-step, the process of writing material specifically for the Web.

8.1.4. Film Documentary Workshops

In just one week you can learn the skills to present your research as a short video. We show you how to use a camera, structure the documentary and edit the video and audio. It’s easier than you think!


8.1.5. Nexus Courses

The Nexus team received over 4,000 responses to their survey on usage of the new groupware system, and many people are missing out on some of the fundamental concepts to improve productivity. We have therefore designed two new courses to address the issues raised: Nexus for Academia and Nexus for Admin, are available in Trinity term.

8.1.6. Weblearn Courses

The following courses are available in Trinity term. WebLearn: Fundamentals

This is a starter course, aimed at users with little or no experience of the new WebLearn VLE. WebLearn: Making your Site Work

This is an intermediate course which covers the design and structure of WebLearn sites and the effective use of a selection of WebLearn tools. WebLearn: Migrating your Content

If you’re a user of old WebLearn you need to migrate your content to the new WebLearn system. This course covers how to export content from suites, rooms and specific tools, including MCQs. Learning and teaching: using technology tools

(in collaboration with the Oxford Learning Institute) This course allows you to reflect on how technology tools may contribute to the development of a rich, supportive learning and teaching environment, with some reference to the use of WebLearn as a VLE. Plagiarism: WebLearn and Turnitin (lunch time session)

The Turnitin plagiarism detection service can be used for assessed essays and also for general formative purposes to improve student academic skills. You will have a chance to submit a sample document via the WebLearn Assignments tool which is integrated with the Turnitin system. Surveys and course feedback

The WebLearn Evaluations tool allows the creation of on-line surveys which can be delivered free of charge to Oxford staff and students, or to the general public. Such surveys may be used for course experience feedback, or general data gathering purposes.

8.1.7. make: Lunchtime Sessions

make: is an opportunity to learn and showcase the creative use of the software and technologies that we teach on our courses. In Trinity term we are putting on a series of lunchtime sessions where academics and staff will be showing how they have used software creatively in their work.

8.1.8. New Staff? Sign up for “Breakfast at OUCS”

New members of Oxford University staff are warmly invited to join us for breakfast at the Oxford University Computing Services. Over croissants and coffee, we will introduce you to the many important services at OUCS that are available to you for your work or research. The next Breakfast at OUCS is Friday 21 May. Book online at

8.2. Advanced IT Certification

If you or your staff need to use technology to increase productivity have a look at the ECDL Advanced modules. This internationally recognised certification provides objective verification of individual’s skills. It will enable your business to assess and plan workforce training and ensure staff skills meet business needs.

You do not have to have completed the core ECDL to start the Advanced modules. For more information see: www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itlp/ecdl_gen.xml

8.3. Apple Training Centre - Update

In Hilary term we ran another successful Final Cut Pro 101 course. If we have enough interest we will run this course again in Trinity. We have also had some enquires about Logic and Aperture Apple Accredited courses. If you are interested in Final Cut Pro, Aperture or Logic but haven’t let us know please drop us an email at appletraining@ oucs.ox.ac.uk

Throughout Hilary term we continued to run our extended programme of short Mac courses. Over the Easter period we upgraded the teaching room to use Snow Leopard, and a new course is running in Trinity term. We also continue to run our Adobe, iLife and podcasting courses.

8.4. Date for Your Diary - OUCS Red Carpet Event Thursday 17 June

Oxford’s IT in Teaching and Learning Awards 2010 hosted by OUCS

The OxTALENT annual awards recognise those who have made use of ICT to foster learning and academic practice at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Awards can be given either to individuals or to teams. Applications relating to the development of more effective links between teaching and research or to improving students’ digital literacy skills will be particularly welcome. Winners and guests will be invited to celebrate success at a red carpet reception on Thursday 17th June.

Contact the OxTALENT team via oxtalent@weblearn. ox.ac.uk if you would like to know more about the OxTALENT 2010 competition or visit www.ict.ox.ac.uk/ oxford/groups/oxtalent/awards.html

8.5. Download to Improve Your IT Skills

Courses at the IT Learning Programme cover a range of IT skills to help you with your work, all designed specifically for a university audience. But if you missed the course which covered that key topic, or if you can’t wait till next term’s schedule, you can look at the course materials now. The ITLP Portfolio is now available online, hosted in WebLearn.

Any member of the University can visit the ITLP Portfolio at http://tinyurl.com/portfolioITLP (where you will be asked to give your Oxford username and password).

Here you will find many of our popular courses, grouped in categories, and a variety of support materials:

You can download a course book in pdf form, to browse online or perhaps to print out a few relevant pages for later reference

You can download fresh copies of the exercise files that are needed to try out the practical tasks covered in a course (please don’t send your finished work in to us for marking – you must be the judge of when you have sufficiently mastered a skill!)

There are links to the course descriptions, so you can read about upcoming taught courses and decide which you should attend, then proceed to book a place

Many of our teachers have provided extra information to support their courses, with links to interesting websites, collections of tips and tricks and late-breaking news about software developments

Short videos demonstrate a particular technique, to guide you towards trying it for yourself

University members have been using the Portfolio with enthusiasm since its launch, to help them decide which courses to attend, or check the pre requisites for a course they plan to attend, as well as catching up on courses they have missed.

ITLP Portfolio of course materials is at http://tinyurl.com/portfolioITLP

The Trinity Term schedule of taught courses is at www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itlp

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