10. Early Adopters Wake Up to SharePoint 2010

In February, OUCS successfully upgraded the service for early adopters of SharePoint to SharePoint 2010.

The transition went as smooth as could be hoped and we were able to preserve an Oxford look and feel as well as the Oxford-centred functionality that needed to exist in the upgraded service. We decided not to migrate My Sites from SharePoint 2007 as the new format was different (but a lot better). Other sites were migrated in from the old version.

Feel free to go and have a look and send any feedback to sharepoint@oucs.ox.ac.uk

The online documentation is being updated to reflect the newer version.

If you were down as an early adopter, you will see richer functionality (especially in the My Profile and My Site areas). If you’d like to see that functionality, and weren’t an early adopter, let us know (sharepoint@oucs.ox.ac.uk) and we’ll add you in.

Tip: If you are an active user of a site, the site might show up in your My Profile - Content or 'Memberships' pages. If it doesn't (and there is often a good technical reason why it shouldn't), just 'tag' it and you'll find it more easily next time.

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