13. Mobile Oxford 1.0 has arrived

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally put together a release we think worthy of the "1.0" tag. You may not notice a massive difference, but there’s been lots of bug fixes and performance improvements, which should make the dreaded "500" error screens a lot less likely. Geolocating is now also a lot more reliable, as well as our integration into WebLearn.

One of the biggest changes will only be for Android and iPhone users, but these users will notice a large difference in the speed for the site, using a new HTML5 feature called a 'cache manifest.

Some changes you will notice include:

  • A redesigned library app, showing you all shelfmarks and availability on one page
  • The Arrivals board for the train station
  • Phone numbers for some places (e.g. restaurants).
  • Names of bus stops in Mobile Oxford have changed to better reflect the name shown on the bus stops themselves.
  • We also now formally support Kindles!

Hopefully you'll enjoy these changes, and we're always keen to hear feedback, which you can send using the links on every page on the site.

13.1. Other features that have been around a few months:

Transport Page
With one click you can not get the current status of all five of Oxford's park and rides, Oxford’s live rail departure board, BBC Road Travel Alerts and your five nearest bus stops or favourite bus stops
You can 'favourite' certain pages e.g. bus stops, these will appear on the front page of the site and if you favourite bus stops, just these bus stops will be displayed on your transport page.
Support for WebLearn tools has been improved and should now be fairly bullet proof with more functionality coming.
By popular request the brown colour (it was supposed to be gold, honest) has been eliminated across the site.

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