16. Having Problems with your Spreadsheet Data?

Photo of person struggling with data

One of the best ways to summarise data is to use Pivot Tables. With Pivot Tables you can automatically sort, count, total and create charts from large lists of data. You can even create your own calculated fields to help with data analysis.

If you want to learn more about the different tools available to analyse your spreadsheet data, have a look at our courses web pages and think about signing up for the Advanced European Computer Driving License (AECDL) spreadsheet module. You will learn how to create pivot tables and much more, you will also add an internationally recognised IT qualification to your CV.

After passing three of the four advanced modules one of our delegates says: "The courses I have taken were outstanding, making it much easier to use the software that I work with on a daily basis. Since completing the courses, there has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my presentations and documents, as well as saving myself time and reducing the stress involved in producing them" (Radleigh Foster).

You do not have to have completed the core ECDL to start the Advanced modules.

More on the Advanced ECDL.

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