21. WebLearn Bite-sized Video Tutorials

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The WebLearn team employed a student intern over the summer to produce video screencast tutorials demonstrating the use of some of the most important tools in WebLearn. The 42 videos are now available on the WebLearn Guidance site listed as "Video tutorials (Oxford)" under the "Guides and tutorials" section. The index of video tutorials can be accessed directly.

Video tutorials provide users with short "just-in-time" visual demonstrations of particular tools. The topics have been subdivided into short sections covering two or three tasks within a particular tool, and lasting only two or three minutes. We decided for reasons of accessibility to produce the videos using written scripts without audio narration, which translate into caption boxes on the screen. The script can be read out by screen readers, and hearing-impaired users are not at a disadvantage.

Image © Bridgeman Education

Voice-overs may be added at a later stage, and our scripts may prove useful to other users of Sakai (the open-source platform on which WebLearn is built).

The series starts with three video tours of WebLearn to orientate users in terms of layout, navigation and the use of My Workspace. The tools covered in the rest of the series are Site info (manage site), Resources (share documents), Home tool (front page), Web Content link (links to internal or external URLs), WYSIWYG HTML editor, Announcements, Assignments, Migrating from old WebLearn, Forums (discussions) and Email Archive (site- wide email and archive).

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