22. WebLearn Mobile Polls Pilot Project

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There are many pedagogical benefits to increasing interactivity in your classes or lectures. One way of doing this is to use mobile devices for students to respond to questions. The integration of Mobile Oxford with the WebLearn Polls tool means that no special equipment is required.

Pose questions in the Polls tool in your WebLearn site and display it on the data projector. Ask the students to respond using their internet-enabled mobile phones. The Polls tool will show the distribution of responses immediately on the screen, as well as the graphical distribution of responses.

Students can respond individually, or in "buddy" groups, thus enabling peer learning. By combining a prior discussion in WebLearn about common problem areas or misconceptions, the lecturer can focus class time on these problem areas, as well as measure improved student understanding using the polls tool.

Join the pilot project on the WebLearn site.

This will enable you to participate in the Mobile Polls Pilot project and keep up to date with developments. Full instructions are given there for students to obtain a QR "app" which will allow their phone to access the poll in WebLearn.

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