24. Designing your Unit’s WebLearn Presence

Designing a WebLearn site diagram

The WebLearn team was invited to Regent's Park College for a second time to discuss plans for structuring the college’s presence in WebLearn. Following the first meeting, the college had put a lot of effort into agreeing their ‘tree structure’ in WebLearn. It is valuable to spend some time and effort in designing such a structure of sites and sub-sites on paper, before building them in WebLearn. Although things can be modified later and more sub-sites can always be added, it is not advisable to change the structure substantially, since users will become used to navigating amongst what is provided, and all hyperlinks will have to be checked if major structural changes are made later.

The deployment of WebLearn is devolved to colleges and departments, but the WebLearn team is happy to assist during the planning stages, and with ongoing support and advice. We have worked with other colleges, such as St Hilda’s and Wycliffe Hall, to support them in designing and building their presence in WebLearn, as well as faculties such as History, and Social Policy and Intervention. If you would like to collaborate in conceptualising and designing your unit’s WebLearn presence, please send an email to weblearn@oucs. ox.ac.uk.

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