30. Red Nose Day Channel Swim

Photo of the OUCS Red Nose day Channel Swim Team

On Red Nose Day a team from OUCS and elsewhere swam the channel in a total time of 11 hours 20 minutes. That's a pretty fast time but, in the Rosenblatt pool, they fortunately did not have to deal with tides, tankers and the flotsam and jetsam that real channel swimmers have to deal with.

Congratulations to the team for a great effort and in raising nearly £1800 for Comic Relief! The swimmers were: Ian Smith (OUCS), Helen Fryer (Zoology), Jane Bell, Hanno Nickau (ComLab) and Howard Noble (OUCS).

The total distance swam was 270 lengths each. Jane was fastest overall, Hanno 'dreamed' his way home, Helen cruised the whole thing and probably could have done another, Ian and Howard battled it out for time and could not have done another length.

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