6. Who is Henryk Glogowski?

Like so many I started out in computing while doing a degree at the University of Bristol. Like a (decreasing) number it was by learning FORTRAN, using punched cards. This system was quickly replaced by Multics and I struggled to work out what a ‘file’ was. Ah those halcyon, innocent days. Oh, I ended up writing a simulation of a Beta-ray spectrometer.

After graduating I started working for BT, designing telephone numbering plans and planning upgrades of Strowger Telephone Exchanges to more 'modern' electronic versions (TEX2’s and TEX4A's for the aficionados out there), System X being horribly delayed. In the corner of my office were a couple of PC's (Z80, CP/M, 64k RAM – MBASIC and PL/1(!) - I joke not). I even ended up writing a database program (in MBASIC not PL/1 I hasten to add) on one of these. This was used by BT (South West) to track the modernisation of its line plant for many years.

Meanwhile I was offered a chance to work with BT’s external clients and design networks for them. We even had shiny, new Merlin DX’s to play with. I spent many years travelling round the country designing converged data and voice networks. Funny how some things seem to 'reappear'.

After seven years I decided to become a lecturer, in FE. For many years it was job I loved - until a certain blue-tinged government decided to 'restructure' FE, leaving most lecturers without any career. Not so funny, how some things seem to be coming back.

So I had to move again and became IT Manager for Andrews (yes, the Estate Agents). To start with it was only me. As the joke went I was 'IT'. Over a period of seven years I built up the team, the infrastructure and the network. I even made Andrews an ISP, giving it (quite legitimately) access to cheap circuits from BT anywhere in the country. As part of that job I would travel around the UK to Andrews’ branches and so I would come to Oxford (where incidentally Andrews was started) and to Botley, among other branches in this region, fairly regularly and so got to know Oxfordshire. It’s nice to come back to some things.

Photo of Henryk

However my focus was always on networks. Also I do believe in public service and education (how unfashionable I know) so when a suitable job came up at the University of Bristol I jumped at the chance. I had six+ years there back at my old alma mater. Strange how in life you sometimes find yourself back where you started – if not a circle then a spiral.

And so, and as you’ve persevered reading this far 'thank you', here I am happily washed up on the shores of the dreaming spires of Oxford. I have to say a great big 'thank you' to all here who have made me feel so welcome. I greatly look forward to getting to know everyone better and working with you all.

Henryk Glogowski, Head of Networks and Telecommunications, OUCS

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