7. Internet Security Best Practice

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The Internet Security Best Practice Project aims to help members of the University employ best practice within information security.

In 2009 we ran the Self-Assessment Questionnaire which asked each unit within the collegiate University to assess their approach to IT operations, management and security against recommended best practice guidelines. The 2009 Self-Assessment Questionnaire is still available online and we encourage units to continue to use it as a self-assessment tool.

The new Information Security policy is being drafted in accordance with ISO 27002:2005, code of practice for information security management.

The Toolkit will be available online and will include suggested technical solutions and example policies.

In 2011 we will also seek the PRAC ICT subcommittee’s approval to run the Self-Assessment Questionnaire again, using an updated version in line with the new Information Security policy. This will offer units within the collegiate University another opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses within their approach to IT operations, management and security.

If you would like to know more about the project or you would like to discuss your concerns about information security, please contact us at: infosec@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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