8. Implementing the CUD

8.1. What is the Core User Directory?

The Core User Directory or CUD is a new service to be offered, initially to early adopters. CUD stores information about people who are somehow associated with the University. That information comes from many different data sources. The service assigns a unique identifier for each person stored, which is shared between all data sources.

8.2. What does CUD do?

It returns an answer, a consolidated result, to complex queries. A service user makes a query to CUD requesting information, some which originated from multiple data sources. CUD returns a single result for each person matching the information requested by the query. In addition, CUD stores a foreign key for each data source, so that, should a query be made for information not stored in CUD, the request may be passed to the data source which does have the information for that unique identifier.

CUD also offers data matching, cleaning, and consolidation services to data source managers. Just one of the benefits of these is the discovery of duplicate records in the data sources concerned.

More information, and the features and benefits of the Core User Directory.

8.3. What next?

The implementation project is well underway and we will shortly be inviting colleges and departments to come along to lunchtime sessions and also to join our Early Adopter Programme. You can also register your interest by emailing cud@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

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