3. What Exactly Does OUCS Do?

Cover of OUCS in 2010 report

Many people working and studying at Oxford have some idea about what OUCS does, but are not aware of the full range of services provided and of its important role within the collegiate University. OUCS in 2010 – which is available as a printed document, as a pdf download and as an eBook – was created to highlight aspects of the achievements of OUCS during the last year.

There are eight sections in the review, including one on collaboration which illustrates something of the complexity of the collaborative partnerships OUCS has with local IT support staff and various departments across the University. Other sections look at the support OUCS provides for teaching and research, and significant achievements in providing value through investment in long-term infrastructure and services. There is a focus on the innovative developments that have been achieved during 2010 and the efforts being made to ensure sustainability into the future.

OUCS in 2010 is designed to be dipped into, so it is an easy read even if you know nothing about IT and how it is organised in the University; we also hope it will provide some new discoveries for long-term OUCS staff.

If you would like a printed copy of OUCS in 2010, please send an email to marketing@oucs.ox.ac.uk. You can also collect a copy from OUCS reception and access it as

The Annual Report is also available for those who like detail and statistics.

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