1. Personel

  • The IT Officer must hold a current University Card of category Undergraduate, Graduate, Congregation, University Staff, College Staff, Departmental Staff, Retired Staff, RVO Student, Registered PT Student or Academic Visitor.
  • The Webmaster must hold a current University Card of category Undergraduate, Graduate or Congregation. This is to comply with the Regulations of the Rules Committee.
  • Any additional users of the account must have a card as specified for the IT Officer and be authorised by the IT Officer who should notify OUCS Registration by email, specifying name, college and barcode for each person. When there is a change of IT Officer, or any such person ceases to have a qualifying University Card, this authorisation will be cancelled.

    Additional users will only be accepted by IT Services if they are Society officers or committee members named on the Proctors' Form. If access is required for anyone else, that person must be elected or co-opted onto the committee and must appear on the list of officers and committee members approved by the Proctors.

  • Nobody is to be given the account password unless properly registered with IT Services as above. If the committee changes during the year, the registration procedure must be executed again if any new officers or committee members need to be given access to the account.

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