3. Mailing Lists

  • A registered Society is allowed to have an Ezmlm mailing list for routine mailings. A Single Sign-On account must be registered if the Society requires IT Services to provide mailing list facilities. Additional mailing lists can be requested if necessary for the administration of Society or committee business. Attention must be given to the 1998 Data Protection Act - there is useful guidance in the booklet Regulations and Notes of Guidance for Student Clubs, Societies and Other Organisations issued by the Proctors and Assessor.
  • Mailing lists should be maintained according to the relevant separate section of these IT Services guidelines. In particular, the mailing list for the general membership shall have an archive and either its subscriptions must be moderated or its subscriber list must be monitored frequently (at least monthly). Mailing lists for special purposes (such as internal committee communications) should only allow subscribers to be added manually by the list owner or a list manager.

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