4. Email

  • When email is sent using Nexus Web Access (the web interface to the Nexus email service or the Outlook email client the "From:" address will show the name of the society as preamble to the email address of the account. Reasonable abbreviations can be applied where the society name is very long. Please contact IT Services Registration if this is not set up correctly. Example:

    O U Gilbert and Sullivan Society <gilbert.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk>

    This effect can be obtained through an email client by setting "My name" to the name of the society and "my email address" to the Society's email address, as above.

    Outgoing email must not show "O U" or "Oxford University" unless approval has been obtained from the Vice-Chancellor (via the Proctors) to include the name of the University in the Society's title.

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