6. General

  • Registration is for a maximum period of one year at a time (subject to continued registration of the Society by the Proctors) and automatically cancels the registration of all previous officers. The username will lapse if the IT Officer ceases to have valid University status (for any reason) before the registration is renewed. Societies do not need the change of account users to be confirmed by the previous committee.
  • All files, email and web pages are liable to be deleted when 15 months have elapsed since the last time the society contacted IT Services to re-register, or when IT Services is notified that the Society has been disbanded or no longer requires IT Services facilities.
  • The total space for email storage, including unread mail, will be 2Gb. Web pages will have an initial allocation of 15 Mb and a maximum of 60 Mb. If an interactive username is allocated, it will have a fixed filestore allocation of 2560Mb. Please email to registration@it.ox.ac.uk if you have any requests or queries regarding quotas.  It will be helpful if the message subject includes the Society's account name and the word "quota".
  • Advertising, such as an automatic pop-up window showing a sponsor's advertisement, is not permitted for any web site within the University. However, a web page may contain links to sponsors' web sites, and their logos may appear if they agree. Please read http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/oxford/rules/ads.xml carefully if you wish to pursue this.

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