1. Account Management

When you use the IT Services self-registration facilities on https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/ you must give the society's account name and password when prompted.

If you have previously used a Webauth authenticated service in the same browser session you will be connected under the previous account name. To get round this, either close all sessions using the same browser then start a fresh session, or you could open a completely different browser program when using your Society account.

You need to manage the account as follows:

  • Forwarding: when the account ownership changes the new owner should check for any unwanted forwarding setting and set a new one if required. Follow Set or update Nexus mailbox settings on the self-registration page, then select Email forwarding address settings.
  • Web space setup. Most accounts will have been set up correctly with a public_html directory. This may be missing from older accounts. If so, log in to the Linux account and give the command makeweblinks . If you still have problems please contact the IT Services Help Centre.

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