4. Mailing lists

  • Please obtain an Ezmlm mailing list for any routine mailings to more than about six people.
  • Distribution lists (where each message carries the address of every recipient) are inefficient as well as being inconvenient for the recipient. There are also privacy issues which may breach the Data Protection Act.
  • If the Single Sign-On account is only used to support the mailing list, please ensure that any email it receives is monitored, or forwarded to an address which is monitored regularly (more than once a month). Email to the society's central email account will be your only warning that account or password renewal is required.
  • Management of the mailing list is tied to the Single Sign-On username, so the list will automatically be transferred when there is a change of committee, but it will be deleted if the account lapses.
  • Any general mailing list should have the society's username as list name. Any other lists should have names starting with the username. This helps IT Services to deal with any queries from future committees.
  • See the following major section for details of mailing list configuration.

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