2. Web site

  • Loading files using secure FTP. Connect to host linux.ox.ac.uk and give the society's Single Sign-On username and password. The public_html directory is the home directory for your web site. The file for the home page should be called index.html or index.shtml (alternatives such as default or home are not recognised automatically).
  • You are strongly advised to keep a private copy of your web pages. If the live site is your only copy, you may lose files if an updating error is made or if you hit your disk quota limit.
  • Web quota. Go to https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/accman/web/ to see your usage, soft quota and hard quota values. You will be unable to load files to your web space if usage exceeds hard quota, or if it has exceeded soft quota for more than 7 days. Note that when you are in this situation, an attempt to replace an existing file in situ will leave the file empty on the live web site. It is therefore very important to keep a backup copy of the entire site in case any files need to be retrieved. The units are KiB (kibibyte = 1024 bytes). To get your quota values in MiB, add 1023 then divide by 1024 and discard the remainder.
  • When prompted for your username and password, give the society account details. If you are not prompted and the quota information is not from the society account, then your browser has remembered a previously-used account name. You can either close all copies of that browser then restart it, or use a different browser.

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