5. IT Services Registration

Once the Secretary has received the stamped copy of the Proctors' Form, or the sport club has registered with the federation, the IT Officer should contact IT Services Registration by email. Emails to IT Services must be from the IT Officer, who is the person with primary responsibility for the conduct of the account.

Please email in the first instance. If you come in person and IT Services has not received the paperwork from the Proctors' Office/ Sport Federation data or we have not had time to process it, or a Registration specialist is not available, your journey will be wasted.

New registrations:

  • The email subject should specify "New society account".
  • The message should state that you are requesting a new student society account.
  • Please give the full name of your Society as shown on the Proctors' Form and indicate your preferred account name (between 3 and 8 letters and digits, starting with a letter).
  • You will need a password for the new account - see below.


  • The email subject should specify "Society account" and include the account name.
  • The message should state that you are requesting renewal of a student society account.
  • Give your Society's full name and state that you wish to continue using the IT Services account.
  • If you know the password and access is only required for the IT Officer and webmaster, no further action is needed. Registration of any previous additional officers will be cancelled. IT Services will renew your account and confirm this in reply to your email. Please note that only ONE person can be listed for each of these roles.

Additional users:

  • If any officers or committee members in addition to the IT Officer and Webmaster are to be registered to log in to the account, please give name, college and if possible barcode number for each. Their names must appear on the Proctors' Form.
  • People who only need access to the mailing list, for example as moderators, do not need to be registered in this way.


  • If you need a new password when renewing your account, please say so in your email.
  • If you ask for a password and give no special instructions, we will send it to the IT Officer by University Messenger.
  • If you wish to save time by collecting the password in person from the IT Services Help Centre, we can hold it for you to collect at any time during Help Centre hours. It can only be collected by one of the registered login users (preferably the IT Officer) and a University Card must be shown for identification. Please wait until we reply to your email, to be certain the password will be ready.

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