3. Email account

An email account is a place where email is received. Messages are stored there for you. When you want to read your email, you use a client such as Outlook or MacMail to connect to your email account. An email address must be tied to an account for it to work properly. However, more than one email address (for example a college address and a departmental address) can be tied to the same email account. For your Oxford University email addresses, your local IT Support Staff, or IT Services Registration, can, on request, change the records so that the email address is tied to a different account from the default.

3.1. Central email account

IT Services maintains the central Nexus email system. Anyone entitled to an Oxford account (except Card Holder and Virtual Access card categories) is entitled to have a central email account on Nexus. The account name and password for Nexus are the same as those for the Oxford account. Most people will be given a Nexus account automatically, in which case the Oxford account activation letter will include your University email address and this will be tied to the Nexus account. Until the end of Michaelmas Term 2009, some users will have their central email account on the old Herald system, which is being phased out.

3.2. Departmental or college email account

Some colleges and departments run their own email systems, which may be for all their members or for staff only. Your local IT Support officer will provide you with the details needed for using the account - IT Services does not have account name or password information for these services. The IT officer will arrange for your University email address (for that department or college) to be tied to the local system. Eligibility for these accounts is not necessarily based on the University Card but the department or college will set its own rules for the use of these services. In some cases, there may be a special arrangement so that you are not also given a central email account.

When you move to a different department, check with IT Support staff or IT Services Registration to ensure your email address is tied to the correct account.

3.3. External email account

Many email services, including free-of-charge ones, are available outside the University.

If you set an Alternative Email Address, it should be independent of the University service you normally use.

Note that IT Services will not be able to help if you have problems or make mistakes when using a service which is outside the control of the University.

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