1. Email addresses

An email address is what someone uses when sending you a message, such as fred.bloggs@admin.ox.ac.uk or help@oucs.ox.ac.uk or person@gmail.com. Fuller details are under Email at Oxford, particularly for University email addresses.

1.1. University email address

A University email address is one which ends with the format @unit.ox.ac.uk. Any individual holding a current University Card of category Congregation, University Staff, College Staff, Departmental Staff, Retired Staff, Undergraduate, Graduate, RVO Student, Registered PT Student, Academic Visitor or Card Holder is entitled to a University email address (but Card Holder is not entitled to a Central email account). Note that an address ending in the format @server.unit.ox.ac.uk is not counted as an official University email address.

Staff and graduate students might have University email addresses at both a college and a department.

1.2. Alternative Email Address

This is any email address, separate from your University email address and your University email account. You can register or update it on the OUCS self-registration facility. It can then be used by IT Services or your IT Support Staff to contact you if you have asked for help with a problem affecting your primary email account. For security reasons, we will not send sensitive information such as rescue codes to unregistered external addresses.

Please note that this address will only be used when requested for some one-off emergency. Routine administrative messages, such as expiry warnings, will only be sent to your University email address.

An alternative email address can be registered by anyone entitled to a University email address (see above), and also the Virtual Access category.

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