2. Oxford Single Sign-On account

For every card category Congregation, University Staff, College Staff, Departmental Staff, Retired Staff, Undergraduate, Graduate, RVO Student, Registered PT Student, Academic Visitor, Card Holder or Virtual Access, an "Oxford" account is created.

The Oxford account gives access to a variety of facilities such as WebLearn, booking systems, and OxCort in addition to email and other services provided by IT Services. Therefore, you may need to keep your Oxford account password up to date even if you do not use central email or any other services provided by IT Services.

OUCS sends out a letter, usually on the morning after the University Card is created, which gives you the details needed to activate the Oxford account. For Virtual Access, where there is no physical card, the letter is sent to your departmental or college administration via the University Card office, so it will take a little longer.

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