IT Services

Entitlement to OUCS Services


1. Introduction

The facilities and services offered by OUCS are available, free of any registration charge, to current students, staff and official visitors.

OUCS uses the University Card to determine a person's entitlement to services. Application for a card must be made through your college or department.

For the purposes of service entitlement

Some OUCS web pages and documents may refer to members of the University in connection with service entitlement. Eligibility for OUCS services does not correspond at all closely to membership of the University as defined by the latest Statutes.

The following card types give no access to any OUCS-managed facilities:

Any queries about registration or entitlement should be addressed to OUCS Registration.

See Cards and Computing entitlements for full details.

2. Associated Institutions

Associated Institution means one of a particular set of institutions, previously known by that title, some of which are now Recognised Independent Centres.

Members of Recognised Independent Centres are not entitled to the standard services based on accounts managed by OUCS Registration, but a Centre may be entitled to have Internet connection via the University or to use the NSMS service (both of these are chargeable).