6. Alumni Email

The Alumni Email Forwarding Service is for Oxford University Alumni. It is not available to staff or visitors. It provides an Oxford-based email address for life, which, so long as you keep your record up to date, will forward email to your chosen email account. It is free and it includes anti-virus checking and spam scoring, but you will need to set up your own e-mail account with a service provider of your choice so that the Oxford e-mail forwarding service can send your mail there. If you are already registered, and temporarily forwarding your alumni address to your Nexus account, you must get a new account and update your forwarding before the University account expires.

All alumni are now entitled to use the service, but an alumni card is needed before you can register. Leavers should receive a card during Trinity Term, together with information from the Alumni Office. If you have not received an Alumni Card, please complete the online form

The email addresses will be in the form: jo.smith@thiscollege.oxon.org (i.e. <firstname>.<lastname> @ <college>.oxon.org). For members of the service, all names, colleges, and years of matriculation will be searchable but there will be an ex-directory option for those who wish to remain private.

More information is available via the Alumni Office website. This includes a helpline email address. Please do not contact IT Services regarding the alumni email forwarding service.

Graduates in Business Studies should consult their own alumni association.

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