1. Card Expiry Date

The entitlement to the full range of IT Services facilities, according to your card status, continues until the expiry date of the electronic record of your University Card. This may be earlier than the date printed on your card if:
  • your card has been cancelled by your college or department (for example if you resign, or discontinue your course)
  • your card shows Congregation status but you are no longer on the Register of Congregation (this can happen if you change department or college)
  • your card has been renewed with a non-qualifying status (for example Bodleian reader)
If you move within the University and you are not sure if your new status is valid for computing facilities, you can check by using the entitlements page. See our page on the University Card if you are not sure of the renewal procedure.

Students who have completed their course retain access to some services for a limited time. See below for details.

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