2. Termination of Services

2.1. Single Sign-On (SSO)

For all users except Undergraduates, Visiting Students and Graduates, any SSO accounts will be disabled at university card expiry. This means that access to all Webauth-protected resources will stop working.

For Undergraduates, Visiting Students and Graduates on taught courses, SSO account expiry is extended to 6 months after card expiry. For Graduates on research courses, this is further extended to 10 months after card expiry. This allows student leavers time to book their graduation ceremony in SITS/eVision, and to access Student Self Service and Graduate Supervision System (GSS). OxCORT is not available to undergraduate leavers; if access is required they should contact their College academic administrator.

SSO accounts are fully active during this extension period (although access to services other than those listed above may not be available). In order for IT Services to be able to assist if a rescue code is needed, please ensure that an alternative email address has been reqistered before card expiry.

2.1.1. College or Departmental facilities

Where access to local services is controlled by your Oxford Single Sign-On account, this will usually terminate when your card expires. Please check with the provider of the local service if you have any queries - IT Services does not hold any information about them.

2.2. Nexus

Accesssing your Nexus mailbox WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE once your card has expired. If you set up email forwarding before your card expires, your email will be delivered to your forwarding address for two months after card expiry. Please note that existing messages in your mailbox will not be forwarded.

Your account (and email addresses) will be deleted two months after card expiry. During the two-month grace period:
  • Email will continue to be delivered to your account unless you have taken action (see below) or until your quota is reached, but you will not be able to read these messages unless you have set up forwarding.
  • If forwarding has been set up, it will continue to function.
  • If an Out of Office message has been set up, it will continue to function (but it can't be updated; however, student leavers are able to set or change mail forwarding via self-registration within two months of card expiry).
  • If neither a forwarding or an out-of-office message has been set up at card expiry, Nexus will set an Out-of-Office message saying This account is scheduled for deletion. It is unlikely that your message will be read. If you return, this message will be automatically removed.

Once your mailbox has been deleted, no email forwarding will occur and no Out of Office messages will be sent. Email sent to your mailbox will be returned to the sender as undeliverable. Once deleted, your mailbox data are kept on tape for a short time.

2.3. Remote Access (VPN/Eduroam)

Remote Access accounts are deleted promptly after the card expiry date. If you subsequently become eligible for an account again, you can re-register for one.

2.4. Web space

Any personal web space on http://users.ox.ac.uk/ will be unavailable once your card expires, and will be deleted two months after card expiry. During this period:
  • Anyone visiting your pages will see the response The requested URL was not found on this server.
  • You will not be able to update your web pages.
  • Your web pages will become accessible again if the account is renewed within two months and you re-request web access

2.5. Linux account

Any Linux account will be deleted two months after card expiry. During this period:

  • You will not be able to log in for interactive computing or access to your files, so any material of value should be copied elsewhere before your card expiry date.
  • You will not be able to access your files through other means such as scp.
  • Your files will become accessible again if the account is renewed within two months and you re-request linux access

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