3. Email management

You can arrange diversion of your University email address to a new service for an overlap period. Your full range of options is given below.

3.1. No action

If you take no action, email will continue to be delivered to your Nexus mailbox. Senders may receive a message saying that the mailbox is about to be deleted, but you will not be aware of, or be able to read, new messages in your inbox.

3.2. No new address

If you have no replacement email service available, you can set an automatic Out of Office message to advise email senders that you cannot receive their messages. This could include details of alternative ways to contact you.

To set up an automatic reply, use the Automatic Replies functionality in Outlook Web App. You will not be able to update your messages or date range after your card expiry date.

3.3. Kill your email

If your email is routed to a Nexus account and you wish to disable your email addresses promptly, please save any material you want to retain, then email registration@it.ox.ac.uk to request immediate blocking of your account. Once this is done, any email to your University addresses will fail and the sender will know that you have not received it.

3.4. Non-IT Services email

If you want to redirect or terminate your email and it is on a different service within the University, please check computing information published by the relevant department or college. The following email domains are not handled by IT Services:
  • cs.ox.ac.uk
  • ctsu.ox.ac.uk
  • earth.ox.ac.uk
  • maths.ox.ac.uk
  • physics.ox.ac.uk (and any subdomains)
  • stats.ox.ac.uk
  • well.ox.ac.uk

3.5. Forwarding Nexus email to a new address

You are strongly advised to arrange a new external email facility well before your University Card expires (to allow time for sorting out any problems). Email forwarding from Nexus continues for two months after your University Card expires, unless other arrangements have been made.

Note that forwarding only re-routes new incoming messages to your new address. Messages you have already received will not be processed (see 4.1. Saving email).

To set forwarding on a Nexus mailbox, follow the instructions in the Nexus mailbox settings section of the self-registration page, and enter your new email address. It is also possible to set forwading by creating a rule in Outlook or OWA.

It is possible to combine the setting of a forwarding address with an Out of Office automatic reply to notify correspondents automatically that a new address should be used to contact you. In this case make sure that you specify yes to the [Save local copy] option otherwise the automatic reply will not be triggered.

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