7. Other items to note

7.1. College or Departmental services

Please enquire locally regarding local email or network services - IT Services will not be able to help with these queries.

7.2. TSM

If you have your desktop or any other computers registered for TSM backup, or you are the contact for error messages on any TSM node, please email us at registration@it.ox.ac.uk if your backups are no longer required. If the files will continue to be used after you leave, please email us or ask your IT officer to contact us when the new owner has been arranged.

The terms of the TSM client licence require you to uninstall any TSM client software from your PC(s) when you leave Oxford.

7.3. Internet connection

If you have been allocated an Oxford University Internet (IP) address, you must stop using it when you leave, or when you move to another college or department, or when you move out of a room in graduate accommodation.

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