5. External references and ongoing projects

If you have registered your first.last@unit.ox.ac.uk email address or your http://users.ox.ac.uk/~username web URL with an external agency, or you have them advertised in some permanent way, these references must be changed and you must arrange this before your accounts expire.

If others will be continuing your work, please ensure that web pages and other files are transferred to an appropriate colleague or member of staff before you leave. IT Services regards your files as private property and it causes inconvenience to your successors if you have not made proper arrangements in advance. If there is a non-personal account, you or your IT Officer can transfer the ownership without special formality by contacting IT Services Registration, otherwise the account will be deleted as normal when you leave.

If you have an alumni email address and you have routed it to your Nexus account (or a college or departmental account) then you will need to re-route it to an external service before your University account is terminated. You need to do this yourself using the alumni email web pages.

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