6. Colleges and departments

6.1. Software

Some software products can only be purchased by a College or Department. IT Services Registration can issue a numbered virtual Software Card which allows such purchases to be authorised and recorded. More than one card can be issued if the unit has multiple purchasing centres. Physical cards are no longer needed now that all purchasing is online. It is not possible to issue Software Cards to student clubs or common rooms.

6.2. Unit account

Departmental and College IT officers may apply for an Oxford account for WWW pages, mailing list management and general "departmental" use. Faculties and Sub-faculties count as departments for this purpose.

6.3. College officers etc.

Special unit generic email addresses such as domestic.bursar@thiscollege.ox.ac.uk can be set up for official correspondence. It is best that a separate a 'mailbox only' account be set up with access authorized by the owner - an additional password is not then needed. The account must still be registered to a named individual.

A generic address can be routed to the post holders personal account, however it may become inaccessible if that person leaves. (OUCS cannot give access to a personal account ). Therefore serious consideration should be given to having non-personal accounts for any sensitive areas such as admissions or development. OUCS uses distinctive usernames (not the standard numeric style) for these accounts and can change the ownership or authorised user list very quickly if necessary, on request from an IT Support Officer.

Registration will be happy to advise, but the best procedure is probably to have an initial discussion with your local IT officer, who can then contact us to work out the details.

6.4. Mailing lists

IT Officers may also apply to have unit mailing lists created.

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