1. Registration Services

1.1. Web-based services

You can use these services at any time. The IT Services self-registration page can be used world-wide and allows you to:
  • Set, update or view Nexus mailbox settings
  • create new accounts for particular facilities on IT Services systems
  • change passwords for other accounts using your Oxford account details
  • register workstations for TSM backup and manage existing TSM entries
  • register for and download site licence software such as Sophos or VPN
  • register an alternative email address
  • see a list of your usernames and email addresses, and where your email is routed
  • register to wake up a university computer remotely 'Energy Efficiency and Monitoring'

1.2. Help Centre Services

These services are available during Help Centre opening hours. You must show your University Card (personal callers) or quote the barcode (telephone callers).

Help Centre staff can:
  • correct your IT Services records if your completion date or date of birth is not correct (these errors would prevent you from using self-registration services)
  • reset a forgotten password when self-registration cannot be used. Callers in person will be given new details immediately. Telephone callers will have the details ( rescue code or activation code) sent to their registered College or Departmental address next day or to an email address previously registered with IT Services
  • help you to use the web-based services

1.3. Specialist Registration Services

Specialists will usually be available via the Help Centre between 0830 and 1700 only. If you need to call in person, please telephone in advance if you want to be sure that a specialist will be available. In most cases, requests can be submitted by email (direct or via your IT Officer) and these will usually be processed within one working day. The following services need specialist attention:
  • Change of email name and/or personal name
  • Change of status, department, college, etc
  • Student club registration or renewal
  • Registration of new accounts in person (if it is not convenient for you to receive printed details at your college/dept address).
  • Requests for non-personal IT Services accounts
  • Discretionary extension of expiring accounts for a few days

1.4. Automated Registration Services

Your accounts and email addresses may be affected by changes to your University Card or other centrally held data, and IT Services also runs routine tasks to implement updates requested by Help Desk staff or through the self-registration system.
  • A separate page gives details of how central data sources are used to create new Oxford accounts and to update account details and email addresses. Information is also available on the exact types of University Card relevant to IT Services services. These pages will mainly be relevant to IT Officers and college or departmental administrators.
  • Some processes are performed at routine intervals rather than immediately after a change is requested. This is partly for efficiency and partly to ensure the stability of key systems such as email. These processes affect new accounts, changes to accounts other than the Oxford account, and the issuing of warnings for accounts which are due to expire. A separate page describes the timing of the automated processes.

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