8. Accounts and web sites for sub-departments and major research groups

A separate account can be provided as for "Long-term Projects" above. We will attempt to provide a name which reflects the project name, but we are restricted to account names between 3 and 8 letters or digits, starting with a letter.

8.1. Web address (URL)

  • The basic URL http://users.ox.ac.uk/~thisproj/ is available without special formality.
  • Your department/college IT officer can arrange a directory in the main web site, e.g. http://www.thisdept.ox.ac.uk/thisproj/ which can have a link to the basic URL or automatically transfer accesses to it.
  • In certain circumstances, a website may be granted a top-level University subdomain (e.g. |www.thisgroup.ox.ac.uk). Please see the DNS Naming Policy for further details.
  • If an activity requires a non-ox.ac.uk domain (e.g. www.oxproject.org.uk), please consult the DNS Naming Policy in the first instance. IT Services will assist with the purchase and renewal of an external domain. Please check the eligibility criteria and contact information at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/dns/hosting/index.xml?ID=eligibility (the contact point for URLs outside ox.ac.uk is domains@is.ox.ac.uk ).
  • A web site can be supported by a non-www address, such as http://jcr.thiscollege.ox.ac.uk/. The local IT Officer can register a server with this sort of address in the normal way.

8.2. Web site (server)

  • A web site using an Oxford single sign-on account will support basic requirements but the functionality is essentially restricted to SafePerl and server-side includes. This is to ensure the security of the public server. If the web site is a collaborative effort, the limit on the number of people allowed to log in to it is the owner plus a maximum of three other users.
  • See http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nsms/services/webhosting.xml for a chargeable OUCS service including advanced web server features such as PHP.
  • If a high-profile web site is required or if the collaboration of a large number of contributors is involved, it is possible to use your own server. This does not need to involve a large financial outlay and a modern desktop with standard specification should be powerful enough to support a reasonably active simple web site. Your IT Officer should be able to give you some idea of what would be involved and how much help he/she could provide.

8.3. Email domain

  • The Oxford system for email domains (the domain is the part after the @ sign in an email address) is linked to the PRAC departmental structure . If you are setting up a completely new department, the 'new unit form' linked from that page allows you to apply for a new email domain.
  • For email domains which are not under ox.ac.uk, a small number of email addresses, routed via the Oxmail service, may be permitted. It is also permissible to register external (non .ox.ac.uk) domains with an external provider for both web and email facilities.

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