1. University Card Categories

Table 1. The University Card categories
Card Code Status IT Services code Entitlement Group
MC Congregation (from Register of Congregation) senmem full
US University Staff (on payroll) staff full
FS/FR Former Staff (on University Pension) approved by a dept or college (FS) or Pensions (FR) ret full with exceptions
AV Academic Visitor visitor full
DS Departmental Staff dept full
CS College Staff college full
GT/GR Postgraduate (from OSS) postgrad postgrad
UG Undergraduate (from OSS) undergrad undergrad
VR Visiting/Recognized Student (from OSS) student undergrad
PT Part Time (Continuing Education - unmatriculated) undergrad undergrad
CL/CB Cardholder (unit 'member', not a University member) cardholder cardholder
VA Virtual (card) (giving web) Access ( neither unit nor University 'member') virtual virtual
Non-card status: leaver Students in the 6/10 months after their University Card has expired (not unit or University 'member') leaver leaver

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