IT Services (previously OUCS) uses University Card data to determine access to IT resources. This page documents the processes which are currently applied.

The University Card provides a clear authorized route for a unit to declare the relationship a person has with them. If there is no room on the card to hold an extra dept or college, then local IT support can request that the affiliation be approved by contacting IT Services registration .

See also for details of IT Services' use of Card status

1. University Card Categories

Table 1. The University Card categories
Card Code Status IT Services code Entitlement Group
MC Congregation (from Register of Congregation) senmem full
US University Staff (on payroll) staff full
FS/FR Former Staff (on University Pension) approved by a dept or college (FS) or Pensions (FR) ret full with exceptions
AV Academic Visitor visitor full
DS Departmental Staff dept full
CS College Staff college full
GT/GR Postgraduate (from OSS) postgrad postgrad
UG Undergraduate (from OSS) undergrad undergrad
VR Visiting/Recognized Student (from OSS) student undergrad
PT Part Time (Continuing Education - unmatriculated) undergrad undergrad
CL/CB Cardholder (unit 'member', not a University member) cardholder cardholder
VA Virtual (card) (giving web) Access ( neither unit nor University 'member') virtual virtual
Non-card status: leaver Students in the 6/10 months after their University Card has expired (not unit or University 'member') leaver leaver

2. Entitlements

Table 2. Entitlements based on University Card status
Facility full postgrad undergrad cardholder virtual club/society leaver
Primary Oxford SSO account (1) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Central Mailbox yes yes yes no no yes no (6) email address (2) yes yes yes yes no no no (6)
Delegated access to a Nexus mailbox yes yes yes no no no yes
Delegated access to a Sharepoint site yes yes yes yes yes no yes
Remote Access account (eduroam, wireless) yes yes yes no no no no
IT Services Courses yes yes yes no no n/a no
Weblearn yes yes yes yes yes no yes
OxFile yes yes yes no no no no
Own an EZMLM mailing list yes yes no no no yes no
Project account (3) yes yes no no no no no
TSM backup yes (8,9) yes no no no no no (4) FR only no no no no no no
Site-licenced software licenced for staff (8) licenced for students licenced for students no no no no
Use of the IT Services Help Centre yes yes yes no no n/a no (5)
Register an external email address (7) yes yes yes yes yes no yes

1. Primary Oxford SSO username is used to identify you in other systems. It is never issued to anyone else.

2.The 'email address' is considered to be 'owned' by the unit. IT Services acts as agent for units for whom we route mail. The units authorize IT Services to issue an email address by having an affiliation added to the University Card. Where there is no room on the Card, IT support for that unit can ask to add their unit's email address for a person. Email addresses may be re-issued, once it is safe to do so.

3. Project accounts can be created for 'a function' eg senior tutor and the account passes to the next incumbent.

4. @retired is allocated automatically to anyone with an 'FR' status card.

5. Allowed for questions relating to the management of their SSO account

6. If leavers have forwarding or vacation set up on their mail account, these will work for the first 2 months after Card expiry

7. Registered addresses for Virtual Access will get transfered automatically overnight to GSS (Graduate Supervison System).

8. FS/FR (retirees) are not entitled to use TSM backup or software which is licenced for 'staff only'.

9. AV (academic visitors) are entitled to use TSM backup.