1. Data items available for ITSS download

From July 2012, data wil be made available to ITSS via CUD Contact sydev@it.ox.ac.uk . Several files can be created eg email addresses of just undergraduates, Oxford usernames of a particular course.

From University Card

  • card_id: unique identifier for a person. It does not change when the Card is changed.
  • barcode: 8 character with check sum. Used for door entry etc. Is changed if Card is lost.
  • barcode7: 7 char of barcode as printed on card. Omitting the checksum digit.
  • family name
  • first names
  • department
  • college
  • start date of first card
  • end date of current card
  • status; eg postgrads, undergrad
  • title: eg Dr

IT Services derived

  • oxford username
  • email address
  • initials- various options eg just first names, with surname, with or without dots.
  • display name ( 'known as')- first name only eg Bob (not Robert) or with surname eg Bob Smith
  • Nexus mailbox quota 'status'. For details see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/email/quota/

OSS originated for students only

  • oss_id: unique identifier for students. Also called 'Student Number'. Printed on the University Card.
  • course code
  • course name- 3 variants abbrev, short, long
  • dept associated with a course ( You can register an 'interest ' in a course that your dept does not 'own')
  • year of course a student is on
  • finalist
  • gender

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