2. What data is obtained from other sources?

The data sources used are:

2.1. Oxford Student System (OSS)

Oxford Student System (OSS) provides the information about the Course for a student for use by Weblearn and departments. The data items we get from OSS are: for courses: course code, course name (3 varieties), course_type, dept. For students- course code, any options ( eg studying Russian), year of course, estimated leaving year, are they finalists?

Projects needing Student data, where the data is merged with IT Services data are: Web Learn (VLE), Oxcort (Tutorial Reporting System), Alumni forwarding, National Student Survey, Departments needing lists eg email addresses of first year lawyers

2.2. Payroll

This is used to provide central admin with staff email addresses and SSO usernames. A table is maintained of a mapping of payroll units to IT Services units.

2.3. ITSS register

List of IT people in Colleges and Departments is maintained by IT Services. A person can have responsibilities in many units. Viewing the Register is only available to people on the Register. A person has to be approved to be on the Register. Privileges are given to people on the Register.

The register also contains registered web managers.

2.4. Depts/Colleges who run their own mailers

Dept and colleges who run their own mailers, provide their email addresses for inclusion on the University Contact Page. IT Services use these lists to register addresses centrally for these depts by matching surname. The departments who currently assign their own email addresses are Clinical Trials Unit, Computing Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Wellcome Trust for Human Genetics.

2.5. Clubs and Societies

Information on Sports Clubs is provided by the Sports Federation and used to authorize Sport Club accounts

Mansfield Road Clubs- authorizing data is from the Club

Proctors Clubs- authorizing data is from the Proctors

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