3. Who sees/uses what data?

Card data is made available to ITSS only by the permission of the Card Office.

  • Users : Staff and students can see what information we hold about them- usernames, mail routings, TSM registrations, expiry dates.
  • ITSS:
    • real time data for all their own users from restricted ITSS pages http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/its3/
    • overnight downloads of data are written to secure web locations and access granted via the IP address of the registered machine for a unit. The data produced is tailored to the needs of the Unit. This enables ITSS to automate jobs based on the latest data available.
  • Oxford Student System (OSS): take the email address and Oxford username of students and staff
  • GSS and OxCort take the Oxford username and email address overnight. If a Virtual Access card holder has registered an external address via Register an alternative email address , that will be passed to GSS as well.
  • Libraries: take email addresses for everyone for the book ordering system
  • Central admin: take staff email addresses and Oxford usernames
  • Other IT Services services: Course Booking system, WebLearn, OxItems, network services - take Oxford username and email addresses by various means.

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