IT Services

Oxford Nexus Account Types


This paper is to pull together information about the different types of Nexus Active Directory (AD) accounts available. ITSS may see some of the properties in Nexus mailboxes. has been enhanced to reflect this richness.

1. Account properties and general comments

All accounts have properties which are viewable in ITSS facilities. Some of what you see will differ depending on the account type.

Additional features are viewable to the owner from such as folder size, last time devices were 'active synced' to the mailbox. All mailbox accounts on Nexus are associated with one email address and that address must be unique. If that address is not normally routed by the Oxmails to that account, an automatic forward will be set up after each mailer table update, to route mail to where the Oxmails would send it. It has the form . This is usually seen for those departments for whom IT Services do not route mail eg Physics, Computer Science, Maths, Earth Sciences. See

2. Account types

2.1. Personal Mailbox associated with the Oxford SSO

2.2. Secondary account mailbox with SSO

2.3. Secondary account mailbox without SSO ('mailbox only' account)

2.4. Resource account

2.5. 'Active Directory only' account (No mailbox)

2.6. Non Nexus SSO account (planned)

We are hoping to provide secondary accounts similar to the AD account above. They will have the following characteristics

2.7. Management of Inactive mailboxes with or without mail

Candidates for management

Actions to be taken