1. Default setup

If someone is logged onto Nexus using Outlook via MAPI, or OWA and sends to fluffy.brown@spires.ox.ac.uk and fluffy.brown@spires.ox.ac.uk appears on an account on Nexus (ie the Sending address), then the message wont go out to the Oxmails but will be delivered directly to the Nexus account fluff0001. (There is no way for Exchange to work in any other way- it cant be forced to send mail to the oxmails.)

As long as in the mailer tables fluffy.brown@spires.ox.ac.uk routes to fluff0001@nexus then mail sent from outside Nexus will also end up in the fluff001@nexus and all is well. The mailer routings are visible in the Mail Routing tab in WebReg , and ITSS's https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/itss/mail_routing

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