2. Routing changes

What happens when Fluffy asks for fluffy.brown@spires.ox.ac.uk to route to fluffy@gmail.com and not to Nexus at all?

HelpCentre/ITSS change the routing for the OxMails fluffy.brown@spires.ox.ac.uk goes to fluffy@gmail.com. But what happens to mail sent from people on Nexus? It still goes to fluff0001@nexus and Fluffy's mail is in two places!!!

To try and stop this problem, a process runs on Nexus after every mailer table update (at approx 7.10,10.10, 13.10, 14.10, 19.10) which does the following.
  • if the sending address on the Nexus account is in the mailer tables, and is not routed to nexus, it will set an automatic forward on Nexus to where the Oxmails would send the mail. As it would now see that fluffy.brown@spires now routes to fluffy@gmail.com , it would automatically put a forward on fluff0001@nexus to go to fluffy@gmail and all Fluffy's mail will be in the one place ie gmail.
  • If there is already forward set on the nexus account, say to old hotmail address, then no additional forwarding will be set and the user will stay with split routing until it is fixed.
  • if the address on Nexus is from domain that IT Services manages, it will be look like Forwarding to : fluffy@gmail.com
  • if you manually remove the forward, it will be added back the next time the Nexus process runs so that the routing and the forwarding match.

2.1. When the address on the Nexus account is not one that IT Services manages

When the address on a Nexus account is for an Oxford domain that IT Services do not manage (eg physics.ox.ac.uk) ie they wont be in the Mailer tables but

If ITSS or HelpCentre staff...

  • record the address in the IT Services database via WebReg or ITSS info
  • AND give the Nexus account math1234 the sending address of eg hillow@maths.ox.ac.uk

Nexus processes will.....

  • Add the forwarding to math1234 which looks like Forwarding to : hillow@maths.forward.nexus.ox.ac.uk
  • Mail sent from other Nexus accounts to hillow@maths.ox.ac.uk will go to math1234@nexus which will then forward it to the real hillow@maths.ox.ac.uk.
  • math1234@nexus cannot have a forward of just hillow@maths.ox.ac.uk as Nexus would say ... 'yes I know that address it is on account math1234' and would try and deliver the mail to back to math1234@nexus and a mail loop would be set up.

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