1. Background

ITSS now have a utility which allows ITSS to

  • issue an Activation code
  • extend an Activation code
  • issue a Rescue Code

We need to define and document the way that ITSS should use these facilities

To put this in context, they can already

  • change a persons mail routing
  • view routings of other affiliations
  • change or delete unit level addresses

They can already have an Activation code/ Rescue code emailed to them.

2. Guidelines for Issuing Rescue Codes for ITSS and IT Services

It is proposed that we clarify and extend the instructions currently given at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/registration/index.xml?ID=passwords section 6.4. to cover this new facility.

Guidelines are especially need for mailing Rescue Codes to non-registered email address

Proposed Text

6.4. How to obtain a Rescue Code

  • To obtain a Rescue Code contact the IT Services Help Centre or IT Support Officer

The options from the IT Services Help Centre are

  1. Visit the Help Centre in person with your University Card to be given a Rescue Code immediately
  2. Telephone or, preferably, email the Help Centre and a rescue code will be sent to your registered college or departmental address by University Messenger
  3. If you have an alternative email account registered with IT Services (e.g. on a local college or department mail system) a rescue code can be emailed to you there.
  4. If you have forwarding set up on Nexus, it can be mailed to you via that route.
  5. The Help Centre cannot send a Rescue Code to an unregistered email address.

The options from your IT support Officer are

  • Your IT support officer may be able to give you a Rescue code directly.
  • If you are not in Oxford and none of the options listed above are available. You will need to provide some means of identifying yourself to your IT support staff before a Rescue Code will be emailed to a non-registered address. It is essential that some means of verifying who is making the request is carried out.
  • Your IT support staff cannot use the Rescue Code to gain access to your account without your express permission or under written instruction from the Head of Unit