3. Process

  • At the end of May, IT Services extended the project times of SSO, Nexus and Remote Access accounts belonging to returners to 27th October 2013. This prevents account expiry warning and card expiry warning messages being sent to returning students.
  • This procedure may also be carried out at the end of June to pick up any late applicants.
  • An email message was sent to potential returners informing them of what was done - see below for the text.
  • When students return their contract, their records will be automatically updated by the usual processes.
  • Students who don't take up their offer will be warned in the usual way that their accounts will expire on 27th October. As with all leavers, their SSO accounts will be extended to six months after card expiry, (ie to 31-Dec-2013 in most cases). Their email accounts will be disabled on 27th October, but messages will continue to be delivered for 2 months.

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