1. Introduction

IT Services try to extend the accounts of all students who are applying for a course in the next academic year. This enables students to continue to use their email, Remote Access and SSO accounts over the summer.

Please note that University card finish dates are not changed. Any process that relies on a physical card being current will not work after card expiry.

Don't be tempted to get round the card expiry issue by issuing a returning student with a Cardholder status card. If you do, the student's Nexus mailbox will be deleted. Instead, use College Staff or Academic Visitor status as these will preserve Nexus accounts.

2. Data

The ARO provides IT Services with a list of students who have been offered a place on a course in the following academic year. Offers are usually conditional, so may not be taken up.

3. Process

  • At the beginning of June, IT Services extended the project times of SSO, Nexus and Remote Access accounts belonging to returners to 26th October 2014. This prevents account expiry warning and card expiry warning messages being sent to returning students.
  • An email message was sent to potential returners informing them of what was done - see below for the text.
  • When students return their contract, their records will be automatically updated by the usual processes.
  • Students who don't take up their offer will be warned in the usual way that their accounts will expire on 26th October. As with all leavers, their SSO accounts will be extended to eleven months after card expiry. Their email accounts will be disabled on 26th October, but messages will continue to be delivered for 2 months.

4. Text of email sent to returning students

Dear !*NAME*! (!USERNAME!),

We have been informed by Academic Records that you have been offered a place on a course at Oxford for the next academic year.

As your Nexus mailbox (!USERNAME!) and other accounts are due to expire shortly, they have been automatically extended until 26-Oct-2014. If you take up the offer, your accounts will be further extended to the end date on your new University Card.

If you are changing college, you will be assigned a new email address once your University Card is updated. If you are starting a postgraduate course you will also be assigned a departmental email address.

Please note that your account name (!USERNAME!) will not change.

For details of your accounts and email addresses, go to the IT Services home page (www.it.ox.ac.uk), select 'Manage accounts' and then click on 'View the data held about you in the Registration database'.

If you don't take up the offer, you will not be able to access your Nexus mailbox after 26-Oct-2012. Any email forwarding or out-of-office message on your Nexus account will be maintained for two months after this date.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services Help Desk via www.it.ox.ac.uk/help/

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