3. From Contract to Credentials- time line

From a undergraduates's POV - time between sending their contract to college and getting their credentials. This information is needed to manage expectations.

  • Day 1: University Contracts arrive at College
  • Day 1/2 (/3) College forwards the contract to University Card office by internal mail- possibly in batches which is why there is a variation.
  • Day 3: Card Office Final C the student in OSS - these are usually processed the day they arrive.
  • Day 3: Overnight- OSS puts a skeleton record in the Card Database.
  • Day 4: The card forms are processed and the card is printed. (The Card Office usually processes these day they are become available )
  • Day 5:
    • early (02:00 to 04:00. The Card data is received by IT Services and accounts are created. Data is made available to Webauth. A file of data is produced for OSS to pickup... circa 04:00. ( The timings depend on the length of the job). Data is available to ITSS.
    • (Circa 4am to 7am students whose accounts were created the previous day are emailed.)
    • During the day- resurrected student accounts may be created manually.
    • 20.00 hours OSS pick up the file created at 04:00
  • Day 6: Circa 4am to 7am Students are emailed their credentials and they are in a position to Register because the usernames are now in OSS.
  • Day 6/7: Addresses which fail are followed up- is there another address in OSS? IT Services register the new address in IT Services database and send details to new address. If no address in OSS, IT Services may contact College admissions.

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