2. Obtaining a University card

University Cards are supplied automatically to all students. Staff and visitors should normally apply for a card through their College or Department - see the University Card web pages for details. If you have a suitable current University Card, you will automatically be supplied with an IT Services Oxford account. You may also, depending on status, be allocated a Nexus mailbox.

If your card changes due to a move within the University, your account details will be unchanged but you will be given new email addresses corresponding to any new department or college. Addresses which are no longer valid will be cancelled after a 2-month overlap period.

Application must be made to the University Card Office via your College, Department, Faculty or Sub-Faculty. If you apply in person to Bodleian Admissions, you will not get a card which gives any entitlement to services provided by IT Services.

Retired staff can apply directly for a card at www.admin.ox.ac.uk/card/retirees/

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