IT Services makes all checks against the electronic record of your card. It is possible for your card to be cancelled by your college or department so that the expiry date on the electronic record is earlier than the expiry date on the printed card.

See University Card Office for details of University Cards. The status of the Card determines access to computing resources

Please note that IT Services does not run the university card system. Card queries must be directed to the University Card Office via your department or college.

1. Using your Card

You will need to show your University Card for evening admission to 13 Banbury Road after 5.30pm, and possibly at any time when visiting the Help Centre.

Details from your University Card may need to be given for identification, for example when your password has expired or been forgotten.

2. Obtaining a University card

University Cards are supplied automatically to all students. Staff and visitors should normally apply for a card through their College or Department - see the University Card web pages for details. If you have a suitable current University Card, you will automatically be supplied with an IT Services Oxford account. You may also, depending on status, be allocated a Nexus mailbox.

If your card changes due to a move within the University, your account details will be unchanged but you will be given new email addresses corresponding to any new department or college. Addresses which are no longer valid will be cancelled after a 2-month overlap period.

Application must be made to the University Card Office via your College, Department, Faculty or Sub-Faculty. If you apply in person to Bodleian Admissions, you will not get a card which gives any entitlement to services provided by IT Services.

Retired staff can apply directly for a card at

3. Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged please inform your College or Department administrator to request a replacement immediately. If it has been lost or stolen, reporting this loss quickly will prevent unauthorised use of your University Card for which you may be held responsible. The Card Office charges a fee to replace a lost card.

If you lose your Card and find it again after a replacement has been issued, you must use the new card and destroy the original. The new card will have a higher barcode number than the old one. All the computerised records will contain only your new barcode, so your old card will not be accepted by IT Services or elsewhere.

4. Notes for IT Support and Administrative Staff

4.1. The automatic Oxford account creation

An Oxford username is created automatically when a qualifying University Card is issued for a completely new student, staff member or visitor, or when a new card is issued after an extended absence. The Oxford account registration letter will normally be sent out by the morning messenger on the day following University Card creation. No letter will be sent if there is an existing Oxford account, even if your new card has a different status, college or department. Credentials are emailed to students using the email address they provided in their application.

Virtual Access - application form VA handled by college, dept, or faculty admin

VA - Virtual Access. There is no physical card for this status. An Oxford account registration letter is printed, giving the barcode, as well as the usual details such as account name and activation code. The user has access to Webauth for purposes of identification for facilities like OxCORT, GSS, departmental or college facilities etc but no other University computer access. The letter is sent via the University Card office to an administrator at the institution. Any lost password or similar enquiries must be routed through this person or IT Support Staff.

4.2. Card updates

When a person's University Card is altered, IT Services will receive the information early the next day and accounts will be updated by a combination of automatic and manual actions, depending on the exact details of the change. Individuals can check their own email routings and expiry dates via the self-registration pages. If there is a move to a new department or college, the email records will be updated but the Oxford username will remain the same. Any out-of-date email addresses will go ex-directory but will remain operational for two months.

4.3. Card cancellation

Please ask the Card Office to cancel the electronic record of a person's card when they leave earlier than the card expiry date. Even if you repossess the card, the barcode number can be used to access various library and computing facilities if the electronic record is not cancelled. This applies to Virtual Access status as well as physical cards.

4.4. Course changes

The Student Information System should now notify the University Card Office of any change affecting a student's college, department or completion date. The College IT Officer can check the card expiry date via IT Services' information pages for any current student if you are not sure. This will check the date on the electronic record, which may differ from the date on the physical card. It is important for the completion date to be correct, otherwise the student may fail to receive information on careers and alumni facilities.